Deepak Tiwari

Unfortunately, the problem with the Future is that it appears before we are suitably prepared for it! Our mission, therefore, at MOUNT LITERA ZEE SCHOL SAGAR is to ascertain that each one of our precious pupils is properly equipped to meet the Future in all its multi-faceted dimensions. Blackboard education is good, but never enough. To meet the growing challenges of an ever demanding socio/eco/cultural environment, an ethical work culture is gently introduced to our children at an early stage. However, we do not fill their minds with the thoughts of others, but rather, encourage them to think for themselves by carefully navigating each child's unique potential towards a high level of personal achievement. And how is this realized? By following a simple time tested belief that "children do not really care how much we know unless they know how much we care!” Personal attention by our judiciously selected and highly qualified staff who are further trained by our experts from the "ZEE LEARN" program, guarantee the desired levels of skill required to impart the systematically planned curriculum, which is followed in every MOUNT LITERA ZEE SCHOOL, including ours at Sagar. Added to this are the Constant and Continuous Assessments drafted and proposed by our panel of educators at ZEE LEARN and executed to perfection by our team of dedicated teachers under the able guidance and direction of our Academics Head and Principal, Mr. V. R. Puri. To you my dear students, I have one simple message – “Believe in Yourself and BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD”. Never be afraid to make mistakes - Creativity...Inventions.......are generally the results of myriad mistakes! To live a fruitful life, we must lose our fear of being wrong, for, success requires the courage to let go of certainties! Each one of you are encouraged to participate in a multitude of activities designed to bring out the hidden talents within you - ignoring the levels of your performance for we believe that it is the effort and not merely the result which is the key to fulfillment - there is no ceiling on effort! We have a great team at MLZS Sagar - our Honourable Board members who take a personal interest in the development of the school and the comfort of our students; our dedicated Office Staff who work diligently behind the scenes to make sure that the administration works without a hitch; a wonderful set of teachers and educators whose commitment and efforts are target oriented - the all round development of each child; our trainers who impart soft skills; admirable parents who support and co-operate with us in all our endeavors- truly, at MLZS Sagar - WORKING TOGETHER WORKS !! And so, my dear students, set your goals high and never stop until you get there! The Future awaits is a pleasure to help you prepare to meet it!
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